About Us

Our company was formed out of necessity. It began with a request for development of a new product to solve a real world problem faced by US Special Operations Forces in combat zones.

Below you will see the original request that sparked the fire of innovation that continues today. Impeccably designed products that solve new and age old problems.

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What we have coming next is something out of the future; but will be here in 2021!

Below you will see the request to develop a solution to their problem. Click on our Products page to see how we solved it.

Our answer to this took nine months of engineering to get it perfect.

The TMD our Thermal Mirage Dissipator worked and satisfied all the requirements. All the other suppressor covers on the market not only did not work, but they made the problems worse. Ours is the only one that uses real science of thermal dynamics in its engineering, and that is why it is the only one that works.