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Below you will see some of the products we invented. From a clothing line for concealed carry to RFID weapon systems to advanced suppressor covers; we simply see problems and fix them with physics.

Below is the TMD™, our Thermal Mirage Dissipator.


Above: suppressors damaged from too much heat

How fast does your suppressor heat up?  Within three (3) magazines its in the danger zone and could be permanently damaged!  Watch the video below to see just how fast they heat up.

Imagine your suppressor overheats and is destroyed, not only are you out the money but you are 18 months from getting a replacement! You can’t afford to lose your investment and be without your suppressor for a year and a half because you didn’t know it would easily overheat.

What if Biden gets elected in November? He may ban the sale of new suppressors completely. You may not get a replacement for at least four years! Don’t risk your investment, keep it cool and safe! Use what US Special Operations uses to keep theirs working.

TMD detached from suppressor Patent Pending


Our patent pending design is the only suppressor cover that actually cools your suppressor, all the other are insulators and actually retain heat and make the problem worse as noted when US Special Operations tested them and stated so; see picture below.

Our device is the only device ever designed to hit the market and solve the problems of mirage in your site picture and overheating.

From clothing to weapon systems

We are in the business of developing solutions for common real world problems. We designed and patented a concealed carry line of clothes, RFID padlocks, electronic trigger locks for AR-15’s and holsters, thermal dissipators, and more.


Our Electronic trigger locks

Soon we will be announcing and launching our line of high tech electronic trigger locks that only allow designated users to function the weapon system.

Patent Pending

Smart electronic trigger lock for AR-15’s and M4’s Patent Pending
Berne Adder System clothing line
Our keyless wireless padlock Patent Pending